GolNaran57 - Gone with the spring

“Gone with the spring”;

©Golnaran, original artwork, colored pencil & ink, A3, 2016.

   “When you read or imagine a word, you create a physical shape and a ‘feeling’ inside your mind. The form adapts and flows.

   –Dear Elaine, a great master/teacher in our WP neighborhood {+}

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The blue cherries

GolNaran - Blue Cherries

“The Blue Cherries”,

© Golnaran, original artwork, water color & color pencil, A3, 2016.

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The Melody Of Germination

© Golnaran, "The melody of germination", "نوای رویش", colored pencil, 2015

“The melody of germination”,

Original artwork, Colored pencil, 30×21 cm, © Golnaran.