4′33″ Between two movements

GolNaran47 - 4′33″ between two movements

“4′33″ between two movements”,

– “The pink and white snails arrived when the black musical notations went after the birds.

© Golnaran, original artwork, color pencil, 30×21 cm, 2015.

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A Message On The Waters

GolNaran46 - A message on the waters

“A message on the waters”,

© Golnaran, original artwork, color pencil, 30×21 cm, 2015, {mood}.

  • The new page as “FAQ” has been added to the blog and I answered frequently asked questions I have received.
  • My sincerest apologies for the delayed responses because of my illness.  I will respond to all emails and messages, one by one, soon.

The Melody Of Germination

© Golnaran, "The melody of germination", "نوای رویش", colored pencil, 2015

“The melody of germination”,

Original artwork, Colored pencil, 30×21 cm, © Golnaran.