With my most sincere appreciations, humbly, “Eternal Dreams” was featured on “The Power of Story”,

Featured Blogger: Golnaran My featured blogger this week is Golnaran, a wonderfully distinctive artist and sometime poet who I’ve had the pleasure of following since early on (her blog site launched two weeks before mine did in 2014). I’m not sure where she lives (possibly the Middle East), but I see classic Persian motifs in […]

Eternal Dreams — Mitch Teemley

With my most sincere appreciations, humbly, my “Eternal Dreams” was featured on “The Power of Story“, by Great storyteller, writer, filmmaker and public speaker “Mitch Teemley“. I am so excited, pleased, honored and humbled.

I invite everybody to follow, join and enjoy all beautiful and so admiring creative works by “Mitch”:

You are very much appreciated, Dear Mitch, and I will never forget your supportive and encouraging kindness. I am eternally grateful. დ


GolNaran30 - Dream Worlds 5 - The Symphony of Four Seasons2

Dream Worlds (5) – “The Symphony of Four Seasons”,

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