“Some Theories On Art” – STOA – are some of my short and sporadic writings, opinions, diaries, musings,… mostly about art, life and blogging. Just “I’d write it down for you”, I said to myself; because you may ask me someday.


 13, July, 2015

I believe in the “first sense”. My inner artist’s first inception, first comprehension, first discernment, first choice, first perception, first sentience,… is always true, without exception. Every time I forget or postpone this great and important truth, troubles begin.

 27, July, 2015

Never leave the scissors next to the angry inner child/artist.

 4, August, 2015

I finally found my desired blog theme! Oh, my Dear God, I fell in love with “Dicot“. I really love it. And this is the exactly one that I love and need. I watch, touch and admire it at least once a day. Well, money is not the problem, but “death” is. I have nobody to manage my works after my death. I have seen the blogs/sites after the bloggers’ death, even the Greats’. So, what will happen after my death? I mean long, long, long years later…

 7, August, 2015

I am on announcing my new artworks with my Twitter, “Recent Works” widgets on home page sidebar or footer, more than publishing new posts and blogging. I need a free and safe space without judgments or blogging Dos & Don’ts, for creating. 

 8, August, 2015

Proposing a paradoxical question, from my diaries notebook: If “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so, why don’t we have any concept as “picture-tag” – defined icons or something alike – all through the Web of our era; not only for classification of pictorial data but also and Specially for visual arts, artists and artisans? 

 13, September, 2015

They are plundering all my art and ideas. Dear God, where are you to protect, support and help me during this pillaging? 

 25, September, 2015

The problem is not the lacking of new ideas or even creative block. Having tons of new projects, but working so so impatiently, with half opened eyes and  feverish, without being ill, is the great pain

 11, March, 2016

I fell in love with this great quote of “Sigmund Freud”, recently: “Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me.”  It is repeating times and times in my mind. It is admirably, so true! That’s the reason of why I do love poetry so much. 

 20, March, 2016

I watched “Pay it forward” finally. I didn’t like the movie itself, but I fell in love with the main idea of the story. 

 29, March, 2016

Dear God, Each day that passes, I become more and more hateful towards this world. I don’t like this world. 

 6, April, 2016

I feel just like Annie these days:

“They (roses) were so handsome.
But now there’s no water|pressure in the neighborhood.
There’s no electricity|and no gas.
There are other things|missing, too.
Like clean clothes|and books I want to read.
And, um…
some of my favorite|paintings I have to work on…”



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