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  • Captured with smart phone.
  • All pics are re-sized here. High resolution copies are available.

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28 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Glad you liked my haiku post. Even though I had a book of poetry published last spring, I had never tried haiku until about a month ago–astonished it is so popular. Love your artwork. Are you also a musician?? Just wondering because much of your art seems to involve music notation. I am a singer myself.

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    1. Dear Juliana,
      Thank you so much!
      You are more than welcome.
      Your comment is much appreciated.
      I enjoyed your beautiful haiku.
      Well, I love music.
      So wonderful! I will follow your works.
      Best wishes, ❤


  2. I’m pretty sure I felt my pupils dilate when looking at your blog. Everything is on-point 🙂 What do you use for your watermark?

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