Hello and welcome to “Golnaran”; the online home of a full-time freelance mixed-media illustrator, content creator, wife, mother, mad bookworm; living and working between musical notations, words and colored pencils; who loves ART and all its forms; prays simplicity and pure/unconditional goodness. Here is a special place to archive and share her original artworks of her eternal dreams and art stories as an attempt to spread the essence, beauty and necessity of ART & love.

Golnaran often finds herself fascinated by daily life, emotions and experiences; so her work is influenced by her personal experiences as a woman who is from “East of the grief”. As a multidisciplinary artist she is always experimenting with various mediums such as water color, fabric/texture, installation photography but also animation.

Her art is mostly inspired by music, musical notations and surprising contrasts. Golnaran describes her work process as being very spontaneous, just like her visual style which she believes is constantly changing and adapting to her experiences as a woman artist. She prefers to publish her artworks mostly & directly here, to not being judged irritating on the other platforms; so she can work free, happy and independent in a lovely, safe and peaceful place.


 … Musical Notations


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    1. Thank you so much for honoring me and my art with your so beautiful and kind words.
      I really appreciate.
      You are most welcome.

      Best wishes for you,❤


  1. Hey,
    Your page is full of positivity and energy, its easy to connect with. I love music and arts and this page appeals me. I am new to blogging and write stories. Thank you for dropping by and appreciating my post, in a way I discovered your blog. I will be following your work.
    My best wishes for your endeavours.

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