Albino Note (2) – Harmonious Love

GolNaran -AlbinoNote2 - copyrighted - final - 2021

© Golnaran, original artwork, colored pencil, A4, 2017.

“Don’t panic if you’re moving slowly & lonely, without a harmonious Love. Panic is for when you haven’t yet moved.”

– Due to the limits of blogs, all pics are resized.

– Any corrections are warmly welcomed as always.

Instagram: @golnaran | Twitter: @golnaran


4 thoughts on “Albino Note (2) – Harmonious Love

    1. Oh, Dear Nina,
      What a lovely surprise!

      Thank you so much.
      Yes, I decided to restart, finally.
      Great thanks you remember me.
      I’m so happy hearing from you.

      You are very much appreciated,
      Blessings, დ დ დ

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"I truly appreciate hearing from you;"

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