Albino Note (1), “There is no fear to leave, when you are ready to get lost;”

© Golnaran, original artwork, colored pencil, A4, 2017 {completed}

As I wrote, after multi-dimensional long battles; all through the past years; “Albino Note” fought hard, hurt hard and of course, it lost hard.

So, on a shiny hot summer day when there was not a piece of cloud or a drop of blessed poetical rain; the rejected, heart broken and lonely “Albino Note”, with its wounded pride, took all its musical cubes, violin, books and pack; opened the “portal” by its colored pencils, trying to left everything behind and went to its last shelter, to the deepest part of the ART/Dream world, to the other side…

A journey ‘tween Words & Notes…

– “Albino Note”, has been waiting in my mind for years; knock, knock, knock. Maybe you have noticed this very special character in most of my “Musical Notations” illustrations before. It jumped out my dreams onto the papers, finally; telling me: “Hurry up! No more time remains.”

– My special thanks to Dear “Blues and all that jazz” (Twitter: @jrbjork), a great composer with his so beautiful and great pieces, for his continuous encouraging kindness.

– Due to the limits of blogs, all pics here are resized. But high resolution, and different shots for some works, are available.

– Sorry for closed comments. I am really dying of lacking of enough time.

– Any corrections are warmly welcomed as always.


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