Till The End Of The Spring, Dance With Me…

GolNaran42 - Till the end of the spring, dance with me...

“Till the end of the spring, dance with me…”,

Original artwork, Color pencil & water color, 30×21 cm, © Golnaran.

With  my special THANKS to “thoughtsopinionsandeverything” for nominating me for the “Versatile Blogger Award”, for the second time. I’m really so happy and honored. Great thanks from the deepest part of my heart! I like “Awards” and enjoy them. But I am too busy and don’t have enough time, unfortunately. I am so sorry I couldn’t find the time to join.


50 thoughts on “Till The End Of The Spring, Dance With Me…

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely and warm words, Dear Sabina!
      You are welcome.
      I’m so happy you like them.
      Your beautiful words and continuously support warm my heart always.
      Best wishes for you, ❤

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  1. Lovely – I especially like your abstract flowers. They look as if they’re chatting to each other and as if they can turn their heads/blooms to look around them at the Springtime energy that’s bursting out all around them.

    And if you tell me that the title “Till the end of Spring, dance with me” is yours alone, then I’m grateful to you for bringing English to life in such a poetic way. Using English words to weave beauty is a worthy occupation.

    Thanks again – for the visual and the verbal pleasure

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    1. Great thanks from the deepest part of my heart for your so beautiful and lovely words, Dear Elaine!
      I appreciate your so warm words and continuously complimentary support.
      Many thanks for your Sweet comments that directly touch my heart.

      Well, yes. They are my own words. I never use other’s words/works without explanation/naming completely/copyright.
      I use the Persian poetry’s style and pattern for moving the parts of the sentences.
      I fail most of the times, of course. I can’t achieve what I really wished for.
      You are welcome.

      Thank you so much again,
      I’m so happy and honored that this blog has a great friend just like you and you are following the artworks with attention and kindness.
      My very best wishes, ❤

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        1. Thank you!
          I hope correct results! I’m not sure.
          That’s the only way I found for myself: Write what I mean in English but Persian style! :/

          Wow! How do you know him?
          Of course I do LOVE his works.

          Thank you again.
          Best wishes, ❤


    1. That’s a mighty fine compliment, Dear Cynthia!
      I appreciate your lovely words.
      Thank you so much for honoring me with your comment.
      Best wishes, ❤


  2. wow!! each time I take a look at this piece of art work of yours, It takes my breath away. the drawing with the words written together carry such a deep meaning , such rich possibilities… it can be understood with happy meanings, or it can be felt to carry sorrow under its folds.. it could convey certainty , or it can be attached to the unknown!!! … and more and more this beautiful piece of art evokes of so deep thoughts and feelings in my mind! So beautiful!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your so kind and warm words.
      You are more than welcome.
      This is one of the best feed backs that I have received.

      Great thanks for your great description and thoughtful comment.
      I am honored and I appreciate.

      Best wishes for you, ❤

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  3. your art work is inspirational (the drawing and their writings) and it inspires me indeed. it is so deep!

    I’m honored, my dear, to have such a deep artist checking out my work, likes it, and following it.. it’s like a “certificate” to me.

    best wishes to you too 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend.
      You are welcome.
      Your complimentary kind words makes my face turns red!
      Your attention, kindness and supportive warm words are Great certificates to me.
      I’m so happy to have you with me through this way.
      I admire your pen and looking forward intensively.

      My very best wishes for you and your creative adventures, ❤

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  4. I don’t know what to say. I keep clicking through your work and I’m moved. Astounded by the distinct, simple, expressiveness you put into your art. Thank you so much for leaving a like on my blog, so i could find yours in turn. 🙂 Do you sale your works quickly? Best wishes. Please continue posting on and on.

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    1. Great thanks for honoring me and my blog with your so warm and kind words.
      You are more than welcome.
      I’m honored and appreciate your encouragements and support.
      I’m so happy to have journeyed into your great blog, too.
      For those topics, contact me, please.

      My very warm and best wishes for you, ❤


  5. Oh, this is so beautiful, just looking at it makes me feel joyful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this; it’s soo powerful…

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