And there was no place for the old yellow jackal in my dream

GolNaran41 - And there was no place for the old yellow jackal in my dream

“And There Was No Place For The Old Yellow Jackal In My Dream”,

Original artwork, Color pencil, 30×21 cm, © Golnaran.

  • First of all, my special THANKS to Dear “Sandy“, for nominating me for “Real Neat Blog Award”; and Dear “mfbukhari“, for nominating me for “Versatile Blogger Award”. I’m really so happy and honored. Great thanks from the deepest part of my heart! I like “Awards” and enjoy them. But I am too busy and don’t have enough time, unfortunately. I am so sorry I couldn’t find the time to join.
  • I wish I could write the special poem-alike line / rhyme repeated just like an ear-worm in my dream as the title. Any corrections are warmly welcomed, as always.
  • The instrument shown in the illustration is “Setar“.
  • Have you ever check out the “wings” tag in WordPress Reader? It’s great. I don’t mean all of the posts and always, of course. But I’ve found some of the bests there.
  • I should mention just right here that one of the WORST tags in WP-Reader is “music“; so-so messy, noisy, turbulent and sometimes really UNACCEPTABLE.
  • And if you know or follow a great and not ordinary “tag” in WP-Reader and want to share it with me please let me know in comment section. I am always looking for great new tags to follow. Please, feel free to comment more than once if you have several links to different tags.



54 thoughts on “And there was no place for the old yellow jackal in my dream

    1. I appreciate your beautiful and warm words.
      Thank you so much!
      I am so humbled and delighted.
      I am so happy to have journeyed into your blog too.
      Your work is great really. I am looking forward to reading more.
      Best wishes, ❤

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    1. Thank you so much, Dear Ellie.
      You are welcome.
      I am honored and I’m so happy you like it.
      Your encouraging warm and kind words are much appreciated.

      My very best wishes for you, ❤


    1. Thank you so much for your nice and warm words.
      I am honored and I appreciate.

      I enjoy your beautiful hand arts and your last artwork is great.
      I look forward your art intensively.

      Best wishes for you, ❤


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