Bring Me Some Spring Branches

GolNaran40- Bring Me Some Spring Branches

“Bring Me Some Spring Branches”,

Original artwork, Color pencil, 30×21 cm, © Golnaran.

15 thoughts on “Bring Me Some Spring Branches

  1. What a lovely feeling of life and warm energy to your picture. Thank you for making it and for sharing it. Where I live, in Brighton, spring is in the air.

    Tell me – is “Bring me some spring branches” a quotation? I’d love to know where it’s from.

    All best wishes

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    1. Thank you so much, Elaine!
      I really appreciate your lovely comment.
      Oh, Brighton! So, lucky you! 😉
      Well, No. It’s not. It came from my heart! I hope I wrote it correctly in English!
      Best wishes for you, ❤

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