GolNaran37 - violets


Original artwork, Colored pencil, 30×21 cm, © Golnaran.

(I was trying some features of the blog’s theme two days before and I published “welcome” post by mistake.  I am so sorry for the mistake I have made.)


29 thoughts on “Violets

        1. Oh, Many thanks, Dear Michelle!
          I enjoy all your great writings and follow your lovely blog intensively.
          Thanks for sharing fantastic bloggers’ posts. I really enjoy.

          best wishes for you, ❤

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          1. Wow, that’s really great to hear! I am completely flattered! I absolutely love your drawings. I am an artist myself. Painting and drawing have always been a passion of mine. I have never seen art like yours though and I love how you combine music with drawing. I love piano and so I really think the two aspects are a great combination. So very unique and quite beautiful! 🙂

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          2. What can I say?!
            A million thanks from the deepest part of my heart.
            You are more than welcome, my Dear friend.
            I appreciate your thoughtful and kind words and thank you for the nice compliment, that made my face turn red.
            May God bless you now and forever for making this friend of yours extremely happy and grateful.

            Best wishes for you, ❤

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