Dream Worlds (10) – An Anthem For The New Year

GolNaran37 - Dream Worlds 10 - An Anthem For The New Year


Dream Worlds (10), “An Anthem For The New Year.”

Original artwork, Colored pencil and pen, 30×21 cm, © Golnaran.

Happy new year!


31 thoughts on “Dream Worlds (10) – An Anthem For The New Year

    1. Dear Sabina,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I missed you too!
      Well, we moved into a new house and I was too busy. It was a terrible situation and took about 2 months.
      Hope the best wishes for you, ❤


  1. Beautiful harmony. Thank you for putting it out into the world.

    Can I ask a question? Do you start with white paper? I ask because I’m impressed by anyone who can apply coloured pencil to paper with such a light hand. It looks as if the colour has been breathed onto the paper. Gorgeous.

    By the way – I saw on your About page that you’re a mother. Thought you might like Pati Montero’s blog – she’s an artist and mother too and she creates beauty as you do http://patimonteroen.wordpress.com/about/

    All best wishes

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    1. Dear Elaine,
      You are more than welcome!
      I am so happy to see you here!
      Thank you so much for your complimentary and lovely comment.

      Of course not! Due to I use white in my works, I use cream / grey / blond cardboard as background usually.
      Then I shade layer by layer, until I reach the results I want.

      Thank you so much for introducing a mom blogger / artist. I am going to visit her.

      Thanks again for your attention, kindness and support.
      Your wonderful and great site is so lovely and useful for me. I am so happy to find you!
      I look forward for more enthusiastically. I will try my best to learn and practice my lessons.
      Best Wishes for You, ❤


      1. Does it take you a long, long time to build up the layers of colour? And do you have amazingly expensive, soft coloured pencils? Sorry to ask so many questions – I’m just intrigued by the effect. I’m not an artist, but when I think of myself with coloured pencils long ago, I never managed that cloud-edge effect that you have.

        There’s something very restful for the eyes and the mind about your work – and I think part of it is the feeling of sinking into clouds of colour.

        Thank you for your kind comments about my blog. I hope you enjoy the music, 🙂

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        1. Hi, Dear Elaine,

          – No! This artwork took about some few hours, for example. But:
          1. The design takes more time. I mean designing the basics of my new dream, plan, expression, view, insight, creativity, etc.
          When the design is finished, almost everything have done! Luckily I have this photo to show you what I really mean. This is just a small part of my work:

          Golnaran comments 2

          2. On the other hand, I am too busy. Especially we have moved into our new house recently and I have too many works to do. I am too lonely, too. I don’t have any daughter, sister, etc. for help, unfortunately. The duties and responsibilities as a mother and wife take most of my time and energy.

          – No! I use ordinary “Faber Castell” (48 Classic Colour Pencils” and traditional “Pelikan” stationary / watercolor.
          This is my next work. It is in progress and not finished yet. I have began it about one week ago, but where is the enough time for me to complete it? I tried to show you all the stuffs I use.

          Golnaran comments 1

          – Not at all! You are welcome! I am so happy for your sincerity, attention and interest.
          Thank you so much!

          – I understand what you mean. Well, I color with no pressure by the pencil on the cardboard. And, my style is inspired by “Persian Miniature“, somehow.

          – Of course, I do! Due to my marriage’s barriers, your great blog is so useful, just like a great chance, for me to practice and learn English. I love English language. It is so beautiful, powerful and elegant. I understand and enjoy it completely. But can’t write in English. I mean literally. It is one of my biggest and biggest regrets in life. If I could do so, I had many things to share. I always write with the help of my best friend: “Google translate”! 😉 I hope I wrote correctly; and I wish I could write all my words – including what I wrote for you here – in English completely for my “About” page. Alas!

          Great thanks again,
          Love, ❤


          1. Thank you for such a thoughtful, helpful – and inspiring reply!

            We have some Faber Castell or Stabilo pencils somewhere, I’m going to find them and have a go – though I’m sure you’re being modest and it would take me an age to be able to use a coloured pencil as deftly as you do. Though I do believe that art is available to everyone, as a form of expression, I also believe that some people, through feeding the spark of talent with the wood of practice, build a brightly burning fire. That’s what you are doing with your art.

            Thank you for the link to the Persian Miniatures – I had a feeling that your work reminded me of a quality that I’d seen somewhere else. The harmony of the colours and the placing of the lines – it’s a different inspiration from usual Western art. (I don’t mean to sound like an art expert – I’m not! I’m thinking of an exhibition that they had at the V&A in London with Chiang Yee’s portrayals of the Lake District, where he saw the British landscape and put it on paper in a style that was true to his own country http://goo.gl/zUB5mi He saw it, or at least represented it, in a way that a European artist wouldn’t have done.)

            I’m surprised that Google translate is behaving so well for you. You’ve tamed it to your will, like a genie!

            It’s always harder writing well in a foreign language – unless you’ve been to a local school in the country itself and been forced to produce essays etc. I speak Spanish pretty well, but I struggle to write it because I didn’t need to write any emails or messages to Spanish people when I lived in Spain. We spoke to each other instead. So I sympathise with you. But don’t worry – Google translate is doing a pretty good job for you. Can I ask what your mother tongue is?

            By the way – you might enjoy the BBC Learning English YouTube videos. I think they do very well at illustrating the language in a practical, up to date and interesting way https://www.youtube.com/user/bbclearningenglish

            All best wishes



          2. You are welcome!
            I am agree with you, and I look forward your artworks.

            Thank you so much for interesting link about that amazing art event. I am familiar with his works. They are so admirable.

            My mother language is Persian.

            Thanks again for the links, your help, kindness and lovely comments.

            Best Wishes, ❤

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