GolNaran30 - Dream Worlds 5 - The Symphony of Four Seasons2

Dream Worlds (5) – “The Symphony of Four Seasons”,

Original artwork, Colored pencil/mixed media, 30×21 cm, 2014, ©Golnaran.

Artwork with a long long story behind it…


217 thoughts on “The Symphony of Four Seasons

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to say thank you to you as a person and as an artist: Last night, I came across your piece “The symphony of four seasons”. This had a great impact on me and I felt a solid resonance for this piece in particular. In recent years, things have been very difficult and I often came short of inspiration for any musical composition. Looks like I broke through a thick veil now, thanks to the inspiration I got from your painting.

    To thank you, I wrote a ~ 1 minute cello piece, sharing this with you, it;s on soundcloud

    With kind regards

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    1. Hello,

      Thank you so much for honoring me and my artwork with your warm and kind words.
      You are more than welcome.
      I’m so happy this small artwork could help you.
      I’m honored and I appreciate your attention and kindness.

      Well, “in recent years, things have been very difficult” for me, too.
      I understand. You know, I always say “Art is the explosion of pain“.
      Artists need attention, continuous support and inspirational sources.
      But it’s impossible all of these come through, most of the times for most artists, unfortunately.
      With my weak and broken English, I just try to say, use your “pain/grief” – anything it is – as your inspirational source. Just change it to your art.

      I really enjoyed your great and so beautiful master piece; it made me cry. I listened to it again & again.
      So great, So beautiful, and directly touched my heart.
      It is so precious for me.

      You are Great artist and I admire your art. I believe in your great art, Dear Yvan!
      From this day, I will follow and looking forward your art intensively.

      Great thanks,
      my very best wishes for you, your great family and your creative adventures,
      – Gol

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  2. wonderful how one piece of art can inspire many!! Great to hear Yvan and Gol 🙂

    btw, great chello piece! I’m gonna look you up on soundcloud!

    all the best to both of you!
    cheers Pieter

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    1. Thank you so much for your warm and kind words. I really appreciate.
      You are welcome.
      (I’m only on WordPress at the present and don’t work with Soundcloud.)

      Looking forward your great photography art intensively,
      Best wishes for you & cheers, ❤

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  3. Wow, what simply beautiful art. I can’t read music, but was intrigued by Yvan’s piece as well.
    Thank you for perusing my own blog. Hope I can ‘create’ something as interesting ~ but I do my art with words (or as much as I possibly can). But love the colors you chose and I really like your little icon…

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    1. Hi,
      I’m so happy you like it.
      Thank you so much for your kind and warm words. I really appreciate.
      You are welcome.

      Best wishes for you, ❤


  4. Dear Gol – thanks for liking my blog over at robertpimm.com. I have to say that I’m usually sceptical about art blogs, but your “Symphony of 4 seasons” is excellent. So is your signature, or possibly monogram, seal, or tughra as we’d call it here in Istanbul – I especially like the way the eyes blink, disconcertingly. Good luck with the blog and let me know if you’d like any more substantive comments on yours. RP


    1. Thank you so much for honoring me.
      I really appreciate.
      I will write my special thanks for you in my next post, but as I wrote before in FAQ page/Awards policy, I can’t join, unfortunately.
      Thank you again.

      Best wishes for you, ❤

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  5. This piece if art really is inspiring to play some music on my guitar.
    I like how the overall piece gives me a simplistic view, yet the colours give it so much more depth! Beautiful!


  6. I truly like your work! You are an incredible abstract Arteest! Eye, on the other hand, am just a wandering vagabond who just happened upon this AMAZING talent! Thanx for following my blog BTW… I feel more impotent now that we’ve met :O)

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    1. Thank you so much for honoring me and my art with your so kind words.
      I really appreciate.
      Thank you for following as well.
      I am so happy to have journeyed into your blog.

      Best wishes for you, ❤


  7. Thank you so very much for listening to my music. I have just emptied my blog from old uploads having filled the blog with my poetry and music , photos and videos. Now hopefully a new start for 2016. I am very impressed by your skill of art and all we can create of beauty makes the life worth living. Thanks again . I subscribed to your blog.

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  8. As a fellow artist, who quit trying to be a business btw, I have to say that your work is excellent. I was struck by the simplicity. I especially like the latest one, with the tree, may you have much success with your future works. I look forward to seeing more of them.

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    1. Thank you so much for honoring me and my art with your so beautiful and kind words.
      I am pleased, honored and humbled.
      I really appreciate.
      You are more than welcome.
      Your comment really warms my heart.
      Thank you.

      Best wishes for you,❤

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    1. Oh, my Dear friend,
      What a great honor for me!
      Your so beautiful and lovely kind words warmed my heart, and made my face turn red.
      You are very welcome.

      You are very much appreciated,
      Blessings, დ დ დ

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